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Why President Barack Obama Should Require A Stimulus Bill Rewrite Before Signing It Into Law

Lincoln's Penny: Needing Too Many

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By M. R. Lawrence, Publisher
0120 Hrs GMT, Feb. 15, 2009
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EVEN THE PRESIDENT has to learn to live within our means but creating an economic stimulus by proxy through adding unrelated and overwhelming debt of well-intentioned program appropriations, whiich financially encumbers us and future generations, belies the importance to act quickly, but to also move prudently
while so many Americans are seeking work.

It's a Stimulus Bill all right, and a monster of a bill at that hefting in at just $213 billion short of $1 trillion.

But do we need House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's $25 million pet mouse entitlement in there? The word was that it was taken out in the Senate rewrite but slipped back in for the House conference version. Is it true Mr. President. We don't know. House Speaker Pelosi didn't make the 1,100 plus page bill available for public view in a timely manner as promised.

What else lurks in the bill before you that  may be more sumptuous pork than  lean and mean dollar diet deli specials? Will we find lots of things later that we would prefer never got out of the congressional kitchen?

A penny for your thoughts Sir ...

Something's seriously amiss here. Not one vote from the loyal opposition went for the House version. That's a bite-partisan message from the Republicans that warrants a serious presidential re-read, all 1,100 plus stimulating pages worth.

And it's not just Republicans; you lost a number of Democrats on your side of the aisle in the final vote.

And before that there was a hissy-fit over Senator Reid's congressional conference committee agreement announcement  made without first consulting with House Speaker Pelosi who apparently felt blind-sided by her own partisans. Aren't we all beginning to feel likewise?

The rumor is that due to time constraints, no congressman or senator has been able to completely read, never mind review and evaluate, the Stimulus Bill before voting on its merits.

And your Treasury Secretary, Mr. Geithner, says another trillion dollars may be needed. Really! I hope he's studying the experience of monetary regulators during Japan's economic meltdown. They were throwing yen around with 0% interest to stimulate their banking markets, but people saved instead of spent. When the same phenomenon is sure to happen in the U.S., and GM, CitiBank and the like here go wanting for more, will Mr. Geithner up it to $3 trillion?

When will you say, "Enough!", Mr. President?

What's a Chief Executive to do? The line-item veto is no longer an option. You could have menacingly glared at the congressional pork reps and done a real 'Rough Rider' Teddy  Roosevelt  routine talking softly while carrying a big
scalpel. Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton loved the built-in fiscal flexibility - they used it well, very presidential.

So, when do you think you might  use your first presidential veto; now would be a good time.

Tell the Congress, and the American people, in no uncertain terms, that inappropriate spending will absolutely not be tolerated during your term. If not, clearly there will be no second term, no second chance.

Tell our senators you want an Eisenhower stimulus like the labor-intensive interstate highway system he mandated.

Tell our congress people you want a massive Franklin Roosevelt public service program, the likes which haven't been seen since the 30's. No entitlements here, just back to the basics pickin' up by the bootstraps work.

It's time now to coach everyone on the need to re-focus all attention on the bi-partisan teamwork required for creating new wealth in our nation.

And tell the American people you want the re-written Stimulus Act, not the Bill, on your desk for your signature by Saturday next.

Abe would be proud of you. Is that a glint on his penny?

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